Our Story

And so it begins

In September of 2018 Center Stage Conservatory in Modesto,  staged an all-womxn Romeo and Juliet. It proved an amazing experience for audience and actors alike. We discovered that by playing Shakespeare's characters in the gender they were written with an all-womxn acting ensemble that we experienced the text in a whole new way, providing a deeper understanding of the human story. This seed became the sprout of The Bard's Broads' Brigade, an all-womxn acting ensemble dedicated to staging Shakespeare.

Now, in our first year as our own all-womxn acting ensemble, we wanted a story that speaks to what seems like a pivotal moment in our own history-making, and the dangers that we face with our current leaders as we head full force into an election year. Henry caught up in his own legend, acts with a gross disregard for the affect his actions will have on the people and the land that he is invading because he  is "resolute in his own righteousness". While this story is often presented as a play about a war hero we aim to explore the battle between the dark and light within us all, and question the dangers of people in power when they think they have God in their pocket.

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

Romeo & Juliet - 2018